Group Dynamics

At a meta level humans are not very different from dogs and leaders  from alpha dogs.

There is a wise old saying that dates back many centuries in India.

It is told in Sanskrit and it reads as "Yadhaa Raja ... Tadhaa Praja".

Literally translated , it means "As is ruler ... so are the ruled". 

In a modern context, kennel owners know this saying and practice it intuitively. Their pups would be rewarded an extra pat or an extra bone if they behave the way the owner approves. It is necessary for the kennel owners to practice this model since, they want to train all the dogs in a way that they are amiable  to prospective buyers and get off their hands quickly. They dispose of the unruly dogs in various ways.

Same goes in human society as well. If the society rewards trust and honesty, most of the social order is build on trust and honesty.  OR If legal matters more than moral, society would become legal compliant and damn with morals.

Same goes for companies. If the top management rewards results above all things, managers and alpha employees drive for results and nothing else matters.

On the other hand, if we see around us that people are growing up in ranks doing whatever it takes to play to the gallery and still getting rewarded, then slowly but surely, every intelligent and pragmatic wannabe leader and people manager would try to adapt the same tactics to grow up in the ranks ( or leave the shop). After few years, if the top management looks back and finds only a bunch of suckers and no task masters / tough leaders and character builders around, they sure should recollect the age old Indian saying "Yadhaa Raja ... Tadhaa Praja"

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