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I have been watching the United Andhra Pradesh Vs separate Telangana state agitation with a bit of nonchalance for the last many months.

In the spirit of full disclosure : I am an American citizen living in TamilNadu.

I, for one, feel that proponents and opponents  of both agitations are failing to highlight few vital points that people of Telangana ought to hear. I am sure that the key leaders of the Telangana agitation are fully aware of these points and are covering them up.

The reason for the proposing or opposing the split should neither be sentiment nor  economics.

The problems that are the catalysts for the Telangana agitation are purely regional. They are caused by the regional players. The perpetrators of all these problems are the local/regional/caste/political representatives of the Telangana. They are going to stay whether there is Telangana state or not.

Let us assume for a second that -- The state of Telangana is created NOW!.

How is it going to benefit the people of Telangana !!

The local panchayat chairman would again come from the same families that have been contesting the elections. He or She or his political heir would contest in the new state. The same set of MLAs, MLCs and MPs would contest again and rule. It is their family trade and it would continue to be so. Few new folks may also join the trade who got facetime .. thanks to the agitation.

In the end, you get  mostly the same set of people who never managed to improve the region again to rule the region which gets a new name.

Please don't ever think for a moment that "LOCALS" get more jobs. India is a democracy where all citizens are constitutionally protected to live and work anywhere within India and earn their livelihood.

The few more thousand government jobs that gets created/ filled is a one time affair and not going to benefit the Crores of common Telangana people.

This is purely a political unemployment issue getting masqueraded as a "will of people' and creating a mob mentality.

YOU - a typical Telangana person !! ..... your life would be the same whether you are in AP or TG. Because, you would send the same $H1tbags  to your local bodies, state assembly and parliament.

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