How many cows you got !!

...  just wanted to share this piece of ancient wisdom that one may find useful when asking for an advice from others...

One day, a villager in India goes to the priest/village_doctor and says 'My cows are not happy and not giving as much milk as they used to ... please give me an advice as to what to do'.

The priest gives him a medicine and says ' mix it in the animal feed and your problem would be solved. See me again in a week'.

Next week, the villager comes back more depressed ... 'My cows are not only not giving milk but they are sick now ... please give me an advice what should I do !!'.

The priest goes into his prayer room, meditates and comes back with a different medicine. 'Now ... go back and feed only this medicine to your herd. And come back in a week's time to give me the report'.

This time the villager comes back in 3 days, crying and shaking ... 'My cows are dying !! I lost many cows ... please give me any idea how to save my cows !!! '

This time the priest sits silently for a while ... looks straight in to the eyes of the villager ... and says .. 'Ideas I got many ... how many cows you got? '

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