Volunteers needed for Firefox code coverage build usage.

My engineering VP , Mike Shaver was thinking aloud yesterday [ and I am paraphrasing here ] --
' Is it possible to let some volunteers use an instrumented Firefox
build for a week on their machines to do their day to day natural
browsing activities and identify the areas of code that is covered
[ by their usage]. Is it possible to check , based on that
observation, what kind of bug fix patterns we have in those files ,
what kind of code coverage results we get with our in-house testing on
those files ... etc., etc., '

In short, Shaver seem to be  looking for usage centric test
development and coverage improvements.

So, here I am , looking for Volunteers [  Linux  or Mac ] who would be
willing to sign-up.

Your job [ should you accept ] is to pick up an instrumented build I
supply and use that for your day to day natural browsing activities.
After a week, I will provide you a script. Please run that and return
me the resulting tar ball by email. Please take care not to run any
testing activities with this browser. Just use it for your regular

If you are interested, please reply to this post.We will start this
project in the middle of next week or when we find sufficient number
of volunteers, which ever is later.

By the way  this will collect only code coverage data.
This build does not send any live feedback to any where while you use

The report you will email me is generated on your machine after you
run the code coverage data collection script.

NONE of your browsing history, cookies,passwords, private data or any
such thing would be collected.


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