Code Coverage updates Aug-13-2009

Thanks to Release Engineering support, we have a fully automated, weekly  code coverage reports in place now.

Latest updated reports are dated Aug-12-2009.

All the automated tests that are run on Tinderbox are used here to get coverage data.

IMPORTANT: If you make  code changes and think you have tests in place to check the code change validity, this is your time to validate your thoughts. If the code you recently changed is not covered in the results shown below, one of these are a possibility.

  • You don't have a right test in place to check the code change you made.
  • You have test in place for the change but it is not run.
  • Check the logs from this TAR ball [ this is a big one ] to see if the test you thought would cover the code is actually run.

  • You have test in place and it is run but there is no coverage reported.
  • There could be many reasons for this including function in-lining causing the 'gcov' tool to get confused or a simple code coverage bug.   

If you strongly believe [ after checking logs thoroughly ] that there is an error in reporting, please do not hesitate to file a bug on 'Testing'->'Code Coverage'. This will help me to debug your case.

Happy analysis


Unknown said…
wondering if developers really use these stats ???
Unknown said…

Yes. Developers at Mozilla use that data. That is what makes Firefox a good product and mozilla a great community.

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