Hum to mushoor huye hai aap ki chaahat me [ I have become famous in your desire ]

The place was Vizag, a beautiful coastal city in south India. The year was 1992. The venue was Andhra university cultural festival. Most of the boys were busy trying to impress girls and most of the girls were acting very deliberately ignorant of that fact. Mostly it was a working chaos. Many so called elders of the system are involved in mutual appreciation from the stage and  I was part of the team involved in the coordination of singing competition which is supposed to be the next program. Many students , from various local colleges have enthusiatically participated in the competition and for most of us folks there, Hindi ( the national language of India ) was just a language of TV and songs and let us say, we are not well versed with the meaning , syntax or diction... though we studied it as a second language up to XII standard. So, lot of folks were singing in our local language and many of those songs have a lot of rhythm and  beat. Naturally the response from enthusiastic students in the auditorium was equally upbeat.

During that time, a good hindi movie 'Dil hai ke maanta nahin' was the rage among students and it had a lot of great songs. Most of hostel rooms used to resound various songs from this movie and the other movie called 'Saajan'.

So, during the singing competition, one girl ( I would like to imagine that she was very good looking since she sang a very good song) from Law college sang this song 'Hum to mushoor huye hai .. aap ki chaahat me' [ which means I have become famous in your desire ]. It is almost like a Ghazal [ poetry in song form ] and she sang it very beautifully. with all the right intonations and accent and raaga. The response from the auditorium for her song was not very warm but very few of us who like that song requested for an encore.

She obliged and started singing it once more. But many of the rascals in the auditorium started booing her. Their taste was generally one of those three step drum beat songs with lot of suggestive romance that appeals to base personalities [ I am taking high ground here ... even though, truth be told, I too enjoy those kind of songs ]. That girl had the guts to stand there and completed the song. When she came down from the Dias, she looked embarrassed and told me " I sang it again because you asked ".

Even though I completely forgot her face and her name, I still remember the incident.

In all these years, I heard that girl in Andhra University and one more girl in Central university of Hyderabad sing that song. If you get a chance please listen to the song here

Why am I writing about it after so many years !! Because I am listening to songs from that movie while trying to crack some 'Dimensional Data Modelling' problems. Now my break is over. Back to Data Modelling....

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