Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa lagaa

There is a nice song from the movie '1942 a love story'. I am talking about it for two reasons .. one is that I am listening to it now and the other is a short story .. please read on ...

When I was doing my doctoral studies in physics in the university of Hyderabad, we had a group of five close friends , all doctoral students, one from economics, one from sociology and two from chemistry besides me. We are still in touch with each other.

One of these four guys used to have a strange habit of 'falling in and out of love' on a regular basis. He was even the founding chairman of the university F.O.S.L.A [ Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association ] club. If he finds a girl attractive [ which is generally the norm ] he falls in love and if he doesn't see her for a week, he starts afresh with another infatuation.

So, one day he saw a girl from 1994-1996 M.Sc physics batch [ or is it 1993-95 ? ] and fell in love at first sight. Immediately, he went to an audio shop, bought a 90 minutes blank audio tape and recorded this song back to back to back for 90 minutes. He used to play it in our dorm room to such an extent that we started hating the song and were almost ready to smash the tape on his head. As usual, he got over his infatuation after few weeks and then you know what he did? He gift warped the tape into a beautiful package and sent it to his ex-infatuation with a note 'To the girl who make all my friends mad!'

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