Need help from Thinking Minds

I am doing some trend analysis on the Firefox bugs. I am able to generate Regression bugs trends like - How many bugs are fixed in a given month, what is the average time for the fixed bugs between confirmed and fixed, How many of them had more than one re-fix [ rework metric for the metrics geeks ] etc.,

Results are available here

But I am trying to find the bug 'soak time' : meaning, when was the code that was changed to fix the bug was introduced / last modified that could have resulted in the said bug report.

I have the following inputs to attack the problem.
  • The code base for Mozilla Firefox is in HG.
  • I have the actual change set used to fix the bug.
  • The entire code change history of the source file(s) that are modified to fix the bug.
I want to find out when the lines modified/added by the changeset were modified earlier to this changeset check-in..

I don't want to use hg bisect to build and run the tests to validate the bug presence. I just want to figure out heuristically when this bug could have been introduced.

Can any of you have done some thing like this already. If so, can you please share your expertise !!

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