Crazy but real News :: House Lizard Omen

Bhubhaneswar, India: A house lizard has fallen on the right side of the head of Chief minister of Orissa Mr.Navin Patnaik. Sources tell that the chief minister was in post poll deliberations with his party satraps when the incident happened. Concerned with the implications of the lizard fall on the head, Mr.Navin Patnaik consulted the best of astrologers and lizard science experts. Up on deep analysis of the incident and a thorough review of the famous 'Kohinoor Panzika Panchagam' the team has concluded that the omen indicates fame and the fortune of kingdom. Up on hearing this news, the chief minister is very relieved and the news quickly spread across to the party cadres in the entire state. Loyal party cadres are reportedly overwhelmed with joy and seen distributing sweets and lighting fire crackers.

UPDATE: Mr.Navin Patnaik's 'Biju Janata Dal' won the assembly elections with a large majority as per the latest election results tally.
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