Type A Companies ..

I guess most of you have heard the leadership personality types classifications mantra oft repeated by management gurus and speakers.

That a type A hires type A or A+ types. On the other hand , Type B leaders hire type C and type C hires type D and soon the company becomes a bozos carnival... etc., etc.,

However, in the "dark arts of management"  section, where you wouldn't normally  go - to check out books - from the library of leadership, there is a corollary to this adage.

If you are a type A leader and actually hired all type A and A+ colleagues, very soon  you would encounter a fork in your career path ...
  • You would be deemed replaceable as you have built a great line of succession and substitution bench strength.
  •  You would be deemed a great asset and be given better opportunities to provide your services at a higher strategic level.

Now comes the corollary from the dark arts of management ..

If you work for  a type A company, then the second option materializes most often... unless you have reached your level of incompetency in your company's hierarchy.  If it is a type B or C or D company ... then your role would be eliminated for hiring top talent. This is called in the normal management speak as "Obsoleting yourself ..".

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