Congrats Mike Shaver!!

I was reading an article  about Apple's arrogance &  HTML5  here. I was  very disturbed that the stupid demo site of Apple actually wants me to see  it only in  Safari.  Frak you Apple! You suck !!

A paragraph that caught my attention when I was reading this article is as follows ...

----  Mike Shaver, chief technology officer with Mozilla, the open-source operation that builds Safari-rival Firefox, was less diplomatic on Twitter. Having difficulty suppressing my contempt for Apple's arrogant and ridiculous HTML5 positioning today,  he said. ---- 

No one could have said it any better!!

When I read that  sentence, two thoughts raced through my mind....

The first one was ... "When did Mike Shaver became the CTO?" 

and the second one was very stupid   ... and a funny but impolite thought ... some thing like my six year old daughter commenting on my Quality engineering experience or my programming skill set. 

The second thought that went through my mind almost parallel with the first one was ... " I'm out of Mozilla  for a little while and everybody gets to be a Jedi " ....   on the lines of the  dialog  used by Han Solo in Starwars Episode VI. 

I know this is an inexcusable thought knowing how smart Mike is and how much his contributions have made a difference to the world of open web and how 'utterly under-qualified' I am to think like that. But in the spirit of openness, and in the spirit of a "leaf commenting on the tree" ... I thought I will share it with my Mozilla friends ... 

Congratulations Shaver, if that article referring you as CTO was not a typo.  

I hope your level of involvement in Firefox do not diminish on a technical and day to day level because of your promotion. 
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