Celik's entry at Mozilla ... about time!!

It was a good news to see (today) that Tantek Çelik joined Mozilla. Between Shaver, Jay, Celik and UI experts like Alexander Limi I hope Mozilla would make Desktop Class WebApplications enablment a first class citizen in the product strategy.

Should it  chose to accept ... Mozilla can really build kick-ass frameworks that would trounce the  Sproutcore like systems. But, knowing Mozilla and its mission, I don't  believe that would be a good enough justification to start such a project.

Mozilla does not believe in one-up-man-ship as a policy.

But, sooner or later ... the HTML5 based RIA world would become highly fragmented into many camps of looks&feels unless Mozilla like neutral players,  whose purpose of existence is -- to enable open and free web standards -- step in ... and step in sooner!! 

The worst day to look for ... is a proxy war between various rendering engines via HTML5 RIA generator frameworks.
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