Getting a grip on multiple test run results ..

With more than 150K tests run with each check-in and at approximately
100-120 checks-in a day ... there are a tonne of test results out
there for any one to get a grip. Every engineer checks the test run
results of their putbacks and some people go through all orange and or
burning builds.

So, we have set-up a display dash board  to enable every one to
know every thing about every failure from every run .. ( lot of
every's). Here,  you can see the following.

What are the latest test failures across all runs on all platforms ?
What are the TOP failing tests ?
What are the total tests that have been failing in the timeline that
we have captured ?

We also provide  direct links to easily navigate to a test failure log
to build log to putback data. This of course  is in addition to some
nifty time-line graphs for each test failure.

So, without further ado, we would like to present the following URLs
for your kind perusal ...

and a sample failure timeline
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