Fancy Friday @ Mozilla

Mozilla Cananda office folks apparently have started a counter culture tradition few months ago. That is  -- to ask ( voluntarily of course ) the team mates to come dressed up  full fancy on Friday. Like in three piece suites, Top hats, Various cultural garbs  and what not !! Heck you can even come to office dressed like those Senator types !!

To Quote  the original folks  who started off all this  --

""" Fancy Friday in the Toronto office started off  as "Jacket Friday",
     a deliberate counterpoint to the "Dress down  Fridays"
     many of us remember from former, more corporate gigs """ 

[ Did you see my python geek-ism in the triple quotes ;) ]

However, Mozilla USA , for what it is ... is  a way cool place to follow those Corporate customs and we come to office every day in casuals. So, for the fun of it, some Mozilla USA folks have sent a mail yesterday asking us to ( voluntarily of course ) to start adopting our Canadian brothers custom of 'Fancy Fridays'.

So far, I have seen a Scottish traditional dress, multiple pin stripe suites and ties. couple of bling blangs and not many took up the offer ( mia culpa!!) with enthusiasm even though some nice folks offered free photo sessions in one of our conference rooms for all ...

So, in the true Mozilla spirit ... next Friday I would come to office in South Indian traditional dress.

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