Word Frequency Counter Facebook App

Asa Dotzler told me the other day that there is no Facebook App that he could find which would provide word frequency count. So, I set on verifying that statement. I could not find any Facebook App that can provide the frequency count of words after a moderate effort. So, I went ahead and created one


Why need such an App you may ask!! ... If you are an eloquent, expressive and frequent blogger or web-geek, you may some times get curious to know about the frequent use of specific words or the profile of your word repertoire. This little app hopes to fill that niche ...

But the problem is ... I can not publish the App unless there are at-least 5 Facebook users for this App. So, here I am requesting all the friends who have Facebook profile and and also read Mozilla blogs to kindly give it a try.

URL again http://apps.facebook.com/freqount/

Note: The layout of the application looks better once you log-in to your Facebook account.


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