Oracle Open World - Oct 11-15 2009

I am attending the Oracle OpenWorld.... during October 11-15, 2009.

I am excited to attend this for many reasons. I was Senior Release Manager for Oracle 10g R3  Fusion Middleware product line when I left Oracle in 2008. If Thomas Kurian were a stock traded on Nasdaq, I would have fully invested my 401K in that stock. I want to know how he is planning to redraw the middleware  landscape.

I also was the chief QA engineer for the Java Software quality engineering when I left Sun Microsystems in 2005.

I have told many times to my friends at Oracle and at Sun that ... Management team of Oracle coupled with Sun's  Engineering team would create a world class  team.

Oracle is almost about to complete the transfer of control on Sun in few more weeks.

This is going to be an exciting future and I hope Oracle would make good use of Sun's technological stack.

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