CentOS seems to be in trouble

July 30, 2009: Today , an open letter to the CentOS lead developer was posted on the CentOS homepage. .

The short version of the long story is that Lance [ aka the lead developer ] holds the Management Control, IRC Channels Admin control, CentOS domain owenership as well as the funds for the project and he is 'missing in action'.

Normally, these kind of open letters getting posted on the front page indicate a definite 'shit hitting the fan' situation.

What are the ramifications of this trouble to many small and medium businesses who use the CentOS which is the open version of  RHEL maintained by volunteers. I have faith and hope in the dedication of volunteers in picking up the pieces and moving on  and continue to provide CentOS with out renaming it or forking it. Having to deal with one more fork is the last thing we need.

UpDate: Donavan posted  an  [ after thought ? ]  explanation  on the main page assuring that the project will not be impacted. Whew ...

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